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Thank you so much for visiting AngelM.Love. 

My name is Angel Melissa and I'm a blogger based in London.


I decided to start this blog whilst on a journey to understand my introvert and extrovert self and exactly how my confidence shines through.

I also felt inspired after experiencing various things, challenges and adventures, not to mention visiting numerous countries and realised how great it would have been to have someone in similar situations share their experiences and of which I could have taken some nuggets, advice or ideas from. Especially being over 40 and now deciding to reclaim my life back and venture in to the unknown and explore more of the world. in Business and travels. 

It's not that I don't trust professional guides etc, I felt that a personal and honest opinion is more valuable. So I have decided to offer some insider's knowledge for anyone who wants to read it or see how to maintain their natural beauty, ideas on what to wear, things to enhance a nice lux lifestyle or ideas on bucket-list places to go.

My blog 'AngelM.Love' is mainly about the cool things I experience as I rediscover my Beauty | Fashion | Lifestyle | Travel. Ad I'm also offering information on fashion, living and travel in this big wide world. However the main aim of this blog is to inspire everyone who visits my world, especially those who may have lived for others and now want ideas on how to live for themselves (which is what happened to me for a number of years. As I said before. I am both an introvert and an extrovert and lived a number of years making others happy. I now pledge to myself to make myself happy, and you are on the journey with me. 

This blog is  personal style story told by me. About my life and social outings, my outfit choices and those that I like, as well as insights into my life, the places I go to, and the brands and people that I love. I will go as often as possible to discover all the cool things and happenings that the world has to offer, and will be selecting and reviewing the best places worth seeing. To make it more fun and colourful, I will talk about fashion and beauty which are also more important to me now more than ever. 

I probably shouldn't say this but in the past I have given my talents and mind away for free. I have no real regrets because I learnt so much more about people and about myself, I don't tend to listen to pressure. The pressure I listen to, is can I sleep at night, can I live in my own skin, am I living my truth and do I know if I'm pursuing what's in my heart and I haven't compromised my goals or my vision.

I am extremely creative and what I put my mind to has to challenge me. I have to be stepping in to something that is not only going to challenge me but also scare me. I work well under pressure and get such a buzz from seeing joy on people's faces. What I bring to the table definitely is a mandate that started to grow inside of me a long, long time ago. But the fear of having too many different ideas stopped me from pursuing. Now I want to show you all the dimensionality of my many creative ideas and sides. 

I always encourage people to understand that we don't want to be lead by fear. I don't want to wake up and know the thing I always really wanted to do, I stopped myself from doing based on fear. There's always those folks to look to that say

"If she did that then I can do this."

So I dedicate this moment to that person out there that might not know right now that they indeed rock. Because the world doesn't always tell you so and I've come to believe that inspired people need a fairy Godmother or Godfather. I want to be a fairy Godmother and encourage anyone out there who wants to design a good future. I am humbled that what was once a pipe dream. I now get to share with the world.

So I hope you guys enjoy my posts and if you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Short for Angel Melissa spreading the Love. I am AngelM.Love and I am a girl who rocks. Join me and let's get motivated together.  Be Inspired.  This site is a destination for all things ....... Beauty | Fashion | Lifestyle | Travel.


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