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My top : Great places to stay in the UK

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

As a travel blogger, I always get questions over on my Instagram where in London or the UK is coolest place to stay when you visit. London is a massive city with ample options for hotels and places to stay. But it is also easy to travel to if you stay just outside. I teamed up with a few to share my three favourite. My top three great places to stay in the UK with hopes to make your search just a little easier. The UK has a lot of hotel options with personality. You can find anything from Victorian and Edwardian days to very modern and hipster locations. In this post, I would love to somewhat cater to a frequent modern traveller that appreciates design , lux and quirkiness. After all, the UK is a place of vast diversity, and you can find any cultural influence here that you want. I picked the hotels that I frequently visit for their chic vibes. I have at some point stayed at all of the hotels below, and as somebody who lives most of the year in London, I have had an excellent opportunity to explore the hotel scene for quick weekends away. Call it perks of the job 🙂 or just sheer, I need me time. Every suggested hotel designed around a cool concept, and it offers a space for locals and travellers to come together. The bars and restaurants available at each establishment are cool hangout spots, and most of my friends including me visit for dinners, drinks and even dates. The food is good, cocktails even better and service on par. So if you are looking to experience the UK as a local then keep reading about my favourites.

The Brooklands Hotel, Weybridge

I love The Brooklands Hotel! It indeed gives you a feeling of luxe the moment you step your foot inside its front door. From modern furnishings and luxurious amenities to the fabulous designer bathrooms, their stylish rooms and suites feature everything you need for a relaxing getaway. Furnished to the highest standard, each room includes a 6 foot king size bed ( yes every room) and a range of in-room entertainment services but the cocktail lounge and restaurant atmosphere is all the entertainment you need.

Not to mention the spa facilities and treatments. They have a lovely outdoor jacuzzi over looking the Mercedes Benz race course. and if you can afford an upgrade the best rooms in the house are the Panoramic Suites with Balcony and my favourite room 319. When it comes to food their restaurant is amazing. They have a wide range of dishes but I highly recommend the meats on offer. I have to say the best steak and mash potato I have ever had has been in two places, Restaurant 'Galvin's Window' in the Hilton Hyde Park on the 35th floor and Brooklands 1907 restaurant. Seriously if you don't stay at the hotel, its worth a trip up to Weybridge just to sample the cocktails and grab a bite to eat.

Brooklands also do deals so look out for them. There has been a couple of times where I went for a spa day and afternoon tea instead. warm scones with real clotted cream. I'm getting hungry just reminiscing.

During the day when you are not having a treatment you can walk over the yard to Mercedes world where you