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How to improve your productivity at home

If you are like me and tend to get stuck in a rut when trying to be productive at home, this post is for you. As a freelancer who frequently travels I’m really fortunate to have an opportunity to switch up my workspace. However, I spend parts of my time working from home so I need to make sure that I remain productive as it’s so easy to get distracted and not work. This post will help you figure out how to break the rut by refreshing the space you spend most of your time at. Even if you don’t work from home I’m sure we all still tend to feel like we need to occasionally change things up and focusing on details here can really make all the difference to how you feel in your living/work space.

Tip 1

To fully refresh your space, decluttering would be the step one when it comes to improving the productivity. The rule of thumb here is if you haven’t used an item in the past 6 months, you need to let go of it. Decluttering is known to bring the fresh energy to your space having you feel somewhat of a fresh start and this is a great way to set a foundation for your new improved space that will increase your productivity. I’m somewhat of a hoarder so it’s hard for me to let go but every time I do, I feel so much better. I love a fresh start and as soon as I get into decluttering I find it that holding onto the things is really pointless.

Tip 2

The second tip would be to opt for a light colour interior scheme and have soothing colours surround you so you can feel more relaxed and able to create better. Also add something inspiring to the walls. I spent quite some time designing and painting wall art that will fit my mood and help keep me inspired and therefore productive. It’s a good idea to buy things in pairs as this also helps to improve your overall happiness in your space. Check out the internet, and browse Pinterest to get some ideas about how your new space will look.

Since I’m a big fan of lux and space, I decided to go for lux vibes at home. I picked neutral colours with a pop of colour, cool photo frames and gold accents dotted around for that lux feel. I purchased frames with my posters and I opted for gold-coloured frames. I’ve positioned everything strategically so my workspace feels fresh and since living in LA or Atlanta used to be a big dream of mine, this tends t

o help keep me motivated therefore increasing my productivity.

Tip 3

The last tip is to add a living item to your space aka a plant as this will help you feel motivated to stay productive. Plants and flowers remind us of how beautiful our nature and planet is and you want to look after them. Looking after something keeps you motivated, therefore, increasing your productivity.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post on how to improve your productivity at home by refreshing your space.

Lots of love.

AngelM.Love xxx

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