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10 tips for matching makeup to your wardrobe

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

If you’re looking for a new trend to try out, matching your makeup to your outfit is a great place to start. Not only is it incredibly fun and pleasing to mix and match your makeup, but it’s also extremely simple to create a coordinated and unified look. After all, your makeup is always a part of your outfit, so it makes perfect sense it should be refined and complementary. However, just like with most makeup trends, it can be quite tempting to go overboard when trying to match a look to your outfit. So, stick with these incredible tips, avoid a future faux pas, and make sure you always look polished and perfectly coordinated:.

1. Choose One Colour Palette

Even though expressing yourself through your fashion choices and opting for bold colors, prints and colour blocking ensembles is always a wonderful idea, you need to be careful when you’re thinking of matching your makeup to your outfit – a bright shade both on your face and on your body can be catastrophic. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should avoid colourful makeup or outfits altogether, but rather be more mindful and meticulous with your choices. For example, if you’re wearing a pink top or dress, consider using a light hand to apply blush and lipstick in similar shades, and opt for casual eye makeup that complements pink beautifully, instead of literally matching it to your outfit.

our makeup should always match the spirit of your outfit. This means if your look is sophisticated, your makeup should be equally elegant.

2. Spread Your Shades Out Evenly

Picture this: you’ve visited a great women’s online clothing boutique and bought a beautiful bright blue summer dress. When you finally get the chance to wear it, you decide to go for a matching makeup look and put on some blue eyeshadow to complement your outfit. But that doesn’t sound quite right, does it? That’s because it can be extremely difficult to match your makeup to a large garment, while still keeping the look polished and elegant. The best way to avoid going overboard is by evenly distributing your colours. Choose one of your accessories, like your bag or your shoes, and match your lipstick or eyeshadow to that particular item. Apart from saving you a lot of time, focusing on a smaller item, instead of a large garment, will also make for a more polished and coordinated look.

3. Never Go For a Uniformed Look

When it comes to coordinating your makeup with your outfit, it can be very easy to get carried away. However, it’s important not to be too literal about matching everything and overdo the whole look. Instead, you want to marry certain colours together and create a beautiful combination that looks elegant and refined. So, take some time to plan your makeup look and decide which feature you want to accentuate. Whether it’s your big eyes, full lips, prominent cheekbones or a sharp jawline, focus on that feature and don’t be afraid of matching it to your outfit, but keep the rest of your makeup neutral and complementary.

4. Opt for an Interesting Pop of Colour

When wearing a completely neutral outfit, such as a uniformed black, white or nude ensemble, it can be nearly impossible to literally match your makeup to your clothes, without looking like a costumed character. In that case, it might be best to add a few eye-catching pieces to your outfit, in the form of statement jewellery or brightly coloured shoes, and use those items as a base you can easily match your makeup to. Another great idea would be to simply go for a more neutral and toned-down makeup look that nicely complements a monochromatic outfit, then opt for a bright shade of lipstick, such as blood red or hot pink, to give a nice pop of colour and an interesting detail to your overall look.

5. Know What You’re Working With

No one is born knowing how to match colours and shades like a pro – it’s a learning process for all of us. However, if you want to master this coordinating trend, there are a few things to keep in mind. Matching an eyeshadow colour to your outfit is the most difficult to master and can often look too strong and overdone. So, if you’re not very skilled, it’s best to opt for neutral colours. When it comes to blush, you can easily coordinate it with your clothes, as long as it complements your complexion, while a lipstick shade truly gives you the freedom to express yourself and make a bold statement.

Even though the temptation to clash colours in order to make a statement has become very popular in recent years, there is just something so satisfying about matching your makeup to your outfit to create a unified look. And if you follow the amazing guide above, there’s no denying you’ll always look polished and put-together when you decide on a matching, complementary look.

6. Know What You’re Working With & match your lippy

While the temptation to clash colours to make a statement has been undying in recent times, we're going back to basics… Grandma's advice basics. There's just something about matching your lippy to your dress that seems to satisfy.

7. Adding colour to wake up nude make-up

Paula Wade, "I think matching your eyes to you clothes sometimes can be a great way for those who normally do a neutral look to break out of their shell. It can add a pop of colour and give the confidence to try new things, while getting out of a rut."

8. Matching colour & style

Anne Fritz, .Your makeup should always match the spirit of your outfit. This means if your look is sophisticated, your makeup should be equally elegant, for example a LBD looks great with a bold lip colour, or if you're wearing something more edgy, go for a smoky eye."

9. Neutrals is the way to go

Carolyn Hsu, . I'm a believer in going for the opposite- bright makeup with neutral clothes or softer makeup with brighter outfits. However, matching your makeup to your outfit works if you're wearing neutrals or light colours."

10. Match your make up like it's an accessory

Most of us wouldn’t dream of walking out of the house dressed in purple from head to toe. Imagine wearing purple pants, a purple top, a purple jacket, purple eye shadow, purple lipstick, purple accessories, purple shoes, etc. Instead, we usually coordinate our clothing to allow for balance. This is what you should try to do when you are matching your makeup. Think of it as an accessory to your outfit. I recently matched my nail polish to my lip color. This was a fun way to spice up the simplicity of a black and white outfit. I also added a colorful necklace.

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