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It's Just Me & You

I am a Digital creator; Fashion, Beauty, Travel & Lifestyle Influencer,  Relaunched and better than ever Executive Assistant in Business Support, Motivational speaker, and Creative Director from London. I've travelled to over 38 countries, lived in various corners of the world and love to dance and inspire others.


Along the way I have picked up many gems and I know my calling is to share my diamonds with you. So I have created a one stop shop for the New Everyday Woman . I believe that my positive spirit, open embrace to face challenges head on and love for living are some of the attributes that keep me young at heart. Join me and let's rock together in this journey of life. Be inspired. This site is a destination for all adventures, experiences, creative & inspiring things in

Beauty | Fashion | Lifestyle | Travel  

Thank you for stopping by...... xoxo

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