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- ABOUT the ANGELMbrAnd -

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Angel Melissa is an English Instagram Influencer & personality who is most recognized for her role in being able to organise events and help communities get on the map.


From Celebrity Basketball matches raising money for charity to gaining funding for local community centres, to being part of the organising committee that brought Boxing legend, Tyson and Mohammed Ali, HRH Prince Charles and iconic Nelson Mandela to Brixton are just some of the accolades on her CV.


Over the years Angel was known as the Dona from hit tv series ‘Suits’ , which quickly changed when she became an empty nester and began climbing the corporate ladder and boom the hit series ‘scandal’ arrived. Angel’s name immediately changed and she is now well known in her field as being the ‘Olivia Pope’ of her world, as she’s able to troubleshoot and fix any problem that arises, with the least damage control all whilst making everything look pretty with confidence.


And... fixing started early on in her career. At 15 she customised clothing for locals& friends who couldn’t afford new clothes, 18 she set up exercise classes for single mothers at Stockwell Park community centre , and 20 she was delivering aerobics and body confidence classes at Brixton Recreation centre in South London. At 22 she was getting ‘shut’ community centres funded by the local government and reopened all before age 24 were she then began being featured in the Voice newspaper writing several articles on celebrity whereabouts , before becoming The Voice’s resident Agony Aunt ‘Ask Melissa’ for several years.


Roll on over 3 decades later ... A London native who now resides in Hertfordshire, Angel Melissa ( known by both names ) has a passion for positivity, Living & Laughter and this shows up in her promotion of all things lifestyle, travel, beauty and fashion. Angel still coaches in confidence & communicating better & runs a successful events & lifestyle business. But now is sharing her new journey of self-discovery in a new elder age, for us all to take notes on, bringing a little more positivity and beauty into the world.


Welcome to Angel Melissa’s new personal journey.

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